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Verrua Surveying Services is located in Corso 23 marzo n. 158  in Novara (NO),  capital city of the Piedmontese province, located about 35 km from Milan, the Malpensa Airport, the Lake Maggiore, along the route Turin-Milan - Highway A4.

The Firm has operated since 1985 and provides any kind of surveying service, encompassing the wide range of activities related to Mr. Verrua´s official registration in the National Surveyor and Legal Consultant Register as a free-lance professional.

The customer – both private and public – is ensured comprehensive management of the assignments, as the Firm can count on an organised and experienced network of external professionals who constitute its Technical Staff, each one with a proven track record in her/his expertise field (real estate agents, agronomists, architects, insurance brokers, plant designers, geologists, notaries, physicians), operating in complete autonomy in various Italian Regions.

Verrua Surveying Services provides its freelance services in every phase of any real state project, taking into account environmental, architectural, energy, tax and security aspects and in full compliance with the most recent legal framework innovations.

The real estate sector, including private housing, retail and leisure housing, industrial housing and agrarian housing is everchanging and evolves both due to the technological innovation of the building materials and for the growing degree of detail and complexity of the national and European legal framework.

Real estate planning for any proposed use classification, either for new buildings, recovery interventions, property renovations or agricultural development projects, always starts with a thorough understanding of the customer´s expectations. After an in-depth assessment of the building location (including its surroundings) and a review of the normative framework, a detailed project outline is developed both in 2-D and 3-D, complemented by an ex-ante cost analysis.

Counting on the remarkable and continuously updated expertise of each member of the Technical Staff, Verrua Surveying Services is able to provide operative support and consulting services since the very first steps of the project, thus addressing the customer towards the achievement of his/her needs and, at the same time, helping the customer save time and money.

L. Verrua, Registered Building and Land Surveyor